SOCIAL SECURITY AND MEDICARE CARE are not the problem, Washington and it’s occupants are the problem. Social Security was never created to solve the problem in Washington. Social Security was created to help the elderly when they retire to help the people who pay into it thru their late year of their lifes. Social Security is a self-finance program, and is not a piggy bank for deficit reduction. Yet right now, President Obama and congress are trying to balance the the budget by cutting the yearly cost-of-living adjustments for Social Security which they have no business touching it. Their is other ways to solve the deficit, like cutting all those perks they subcribe too. We must band together and talk, huller and scream to anybody who would lessen specially your congressman and senator from your state. What they are trying to do is criminal. Anybody else would be put in jail for what they are trying to do to the elderly, stealing their livebly hood. When Social Security was created as a retirement fund never to be touch by the Governmet, until President Johnson and the congress than moved that by to the General fund and they said their was enough money for hendreds of years.

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